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At Papillon we

• ➢ Are a great big family who completes each other and believes that excellent service can only be a product of team work.
• ➢ We preserve our values.
• ➢ At Papillon Hotels we value our people and our human resources, and always put humankind first.
• ➢ We are always friendly, energetic and dynamic.
• ➢ We build sincere, ever-lasting and respectful relationships.
• ➢ We are hospitable.
• ➢ We know and apply basic rules of communication.
• ➢ We never ignore our guests' and colleagues' requests.
• ➢ We always put guest satisfaction first.
• ➢ We make a difference and we make sure that our guests, the essence of our work, and our stakeholders see how proud we are of this difference we make.
• ➢ We are always reliable...
• ➢ We use all resources efficiently with respect towards the environment.

Our Papillon family, which goes through thick and thin together, is always there for each other.

• ➢ We give gifts to newlyweds and new-born family members.
• ➢ Employees who study at university or have children studying at university are given a scholarship.
• ➢We provide employees who have lost someone in the first degree spiritual and financial support.
• ➢ We have fun all together with BBQs and birthday parties.
• ➢ We celebrate 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day with our employees and children, bundles of love.