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Papillon Hotels adopts a quality-focused management approach and strives to respond to the needs and expectations of its guests and employees the best way possible, trying to make this an on-going process.

Today's constantly developing and changing world leads to the increasing and variation of needs and expectations at the same speed.

Our Integrated Quality Management System aims to constantly improve the quality of service provided to our guests, maximize guest satisfaction, support the preservation of nature by increasing environmental awareness, ensure the safety of our guests and employees and prevent hazards, eliminate threats of food safety and serve hygienic food and beverages and reach a perfect understanding of service by implementing complaint management.

Integrated Quality Policy

Starting off from the belief that humankind comes first, the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, including our employees who are the assurance of what we do and our guests who are the core of what we do, builds the foundation of our quality system.

Our policy is:
➢ Providing necessary training for our employees to improve their skills.
➢ Preventing pollution and being an environmentally-friendly corporation who respects their social responsibilities.
➢ Creating a safe and hygienic environment for our guests and employees.
➢ Ensuring food safety with the principle "from the field to your fork" by carrying out tests for goods purchased, starting from the supplier until the goods are received and served.
➢ Solving guests’ complaints rapidly, effectively, fairly and in an objective manner.

Integrated Quality Policy PDF

Our certificates

We received our “ISO 9001 Quality Management System” certification in 2014 to contribute to our work on meeting or exceeding the expectations of our guests and the laws.

We received our "TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System” certification in 2014 to contribute to our work on creating a safe working environment for our employees.

We received our "ISO 14001 Environment Management System” certification in 2014 to contribute to our work on protecting the environment, efficiently using natural resources and leaving a viable environment behind for future generations.

We received our "ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System” certification in 2014 to contribute toour work on eliminating threats to food safety and serve our guests hygienically and safely.

We received our "ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System” certification in 2014 to contribute to our work on guest-oriented and ensure that our guests are always satisfied with the services we provide.

Papillon Hotels is also awarded the international “Blue Flag” given to beaches and marinas. Within the scope of this award,
we are committed to keeping the seawater clean,
working in line with environment regulations,
carry out activities for raising awareness towards the environment,
provide facilities and safety on the beaches and marinas that will meet the needs of visitors.