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Sustainability is one of the 5 core values of Papillon culture. With our economic and social contributions, we respect the environment and effectively use our resources to invest in the future.We protect nature and the environment so we can give our children a habitable future...

We research and examine all the expectations of all our stakeholders for sustainability and publish annual sustainability reports.

Energy saving

Our goal is to purchase only energy saving electronic products and train our staff about energy saving. 

Our hotels carry out the following to save energy and ensure its continuity:

All rooms are equipped with systems that deactivate heating/cooling devices when the door to the balcony is opened.
We use energy saving light bulbs or LED lights in our hotels.
We use motion sensor lights in the public toilets, corridors, staff areas and on ground floors.
Outdoor lighting is controlled by timers.
We use electronic key cards for our rooms.
Our rooms feature TVs with low standby consumption.
The mini bars in the rooms are placed far from sources of heat in order to ensure energy saving.
We efficiently use air-conditioners by keeping the curtains of vacant rooms closed during the summer and open during the winter.
We use solar panels to support our hot water needs.

Water saving

We use water-efficient fixtures to minimize general water consumption without compromising on health, hygiene and guest satisfaction; we also place "Environment Cards" in guest rooms to raise awareness and train our staff about saving.

Our hotels carry out the following to save water and ensure its continuity:

We use water-efficient equipment in the taps and showers.
We have water-efficient and/or two-option flushes on the toilets.
We use auto-taps and motion sensor urinals in public toilets.
We use a drip irrigation system to water our gardens.

Waste management

We strive to minimize our waste and encourage our guests to take part in our recycling programme.

We work with companies for the recycling of glass, paper, oil, plastic and food and follow up on the process. We aim to minimize our guests' paper and plastic consumption.

Use of chemicals

We work with companies for chemicals to be disposed of safely and follow up on our chemical wastes.

We train our staff on the measures that need to be taken while using chemicals and in case of hazardous chemical spills.


We purchase our goods from nearby regions as much as possible.

This allows us to minimize the CO2 emissions of our suppliers' delivery vehicles to decrease the impact on the environment.

Preserving Nature

We also protect the Caretta Caretta sea turtles, which are facing extinction, and come to our beach to lay their eggs.

Our hotel has many cat houses where we take care of our little animal friends with the help of our guests.

Sustainability Report