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Stay in Luxury Belek Hotels
For the Best All Inclusive Holidays in 2020

Belek is one of the most important holiday destinations in the Antalya region, known as the Turkish Riviera.
If you are looking for a Belek family holiday or a couple holiday, Belek is ready for the 2020 season with many luxury 5-star hotels, a magnificient sandy beach, lush green nature, sports camps, 10 golf clubs and the biggest theme park of Turkey.

Every Belek hotel features distinct characteristics. Some are ideal for best family holidays, some for best couple holidays and some for best golf holidays. But the main theme among all is a luxury all inclusive holiday in the magnificient nature of Belek.

Antalya and especially Belek is  the leading destination of next generation all-inclusive holidays. If you are looking for the Best All Inclusive Holiday choose any of the Belek hotels and you won’t be disappointed.

All Inclusive Holidays

Next Generation All Inclusive

While mostly known as a family-friendly type of holiday, Belek hotels has expanded the All-Inclusive holiday that it now features many trends of the new generation experience holiday.

Sun&sea, kids clubs and activities, aquaparks, pools, snacks & gourmet servings, quality drinks and evening shows are the staples of a Belek All Inclusive holiday. But if you want more, Papilllon Hotels feature workshops, master classes, wellness activities for adults, festivals and also recreational activities like drama schools, art classes, ballet and dance courses for kids.

Visit Papillon Blog to learn more about our workshops and events!


Festivals are an important part of Belek family holiday as they provide additional fun and cultural experiences to the guests.

From German Oktoberfest to Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, many festivals from different cultures are celebrated.

Additionally kids festivals are also featured all season long with special treats, music, games and famous cartoon characters, adding to the family fun.

Visit our Papillon  Festivals blog page to learn more about our festivals and events!

All Inclusive Holidays

Gourmet Tastes

All-Inclusive was originally a type of social-tourism movement in which guests washed their own dishes. But today, the gastronomic feasts that we offer at Papillon Hotels, which you can find in the most luxurious hotels, are all included in your vacation package.

An excellent à la carte experience is a harmony of high quality food, personalized attention, a luxurious ambience and fine drinks. We wish to serve you in our many different restaurants and join the gourmet journey with our excellent chefs.

For more information read our blog:
A Superior Standard, All-Inclusive Experience at Papillon

All Inclusive Holidays

From Sand Dunes to Pine Trees

Belek was a barren shoreline in 1960s. To combat the wind erosion forest workers started planting trees. In only 20 years, their efforts would turn Belek into one of the most promising creations of the young Republic of Turkey.

Between 1961 and 1988 more than 1 million pines, around 500.000 eucalyptuses and 250.000 acacias were planted in Belek. And that shoreline with sand dunes was converted into the lush green forests that meets the Mediterranean today.

For the transformation of Belek since 1960s read our blog :
The Papillons of Belek

Are you looking for the best all inclusive family holiday? Then Belek is the correct destination for you. With 47 beachfront luxury hotels, all featuring very rich all inclusive holiday options, Belek could very well be the all inclusive capital of the world.

Among the Papillon Hotels, Papillon Belvil has been awarded the Best Family Hotel of Turkey by TripAdvisor in 2015. Papillon Zeugma Relaxury was also awarded 3rd best Family Hotel of Turkey in 2019 by TripAdvisor.

Belek Family Holiday

Belek Beach with Blue Flag Award

The Belek beach is famous for its natural beuaty where the pine trees meet the gorgeous Blue Flag awarded sands. The beautiful beaches of belek are perfect for both families and couples. The 17km waterfront is mostly sand and is relatively shallow which makes it a favorite among families.

Nearly all Belek beaches feature the international Blue Flag award for water quality, safety and environmental management. You can check the Blue Flag pages for Papillon Hotels below:

Belek Family Holiday

Papyland Theme Park

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing
George Bernard Shaw

Belek is also home to best theme parks in Turkey. Among those, Papyland entertainment park has entered into service in 2013 in Papillon Belvil.

The Papyland entertainment park, full of action from water slides to climbing walls, promises an unforgettable summer. Kids will make new friends and enjoy activities that last for days!

For more information on Papyland and Papillon Belvil read our blog:
Papillon Belvil: The Family Holiday You Dream Of

Belek Family Holiday

Best Family Hotel

Belek is possibly the most high profile destination in Antalya region with many hotels ranking constantly in the best hotels lists of respected sites like TripAdvisor.

At Papillon Hotels we always strive to keep the same level of excellence every year. Receiving Best Family Hotel of Turkey award for Papillon Belvil in 2015 and multiple Traveller’s Choice and TUI Holly awards in 2019 we will continue to serve you for a happy holiday in 2020.

For all of our awards please visit Our Awards page.

Papy Kids Sports Academy

Papillon Hotels is opening Papy Kids Sports Academy (PKSA) in summer season which will provide one to one or group lessons to the kids according to the abilities and their progress in different sports branches.

Kids now will be able to enroll in PKSA for sports activities like football, tennis or swimming. Instructors will be teaching the kids and monitoring their developments. Enrolling in a sports program will improve self-confidence and let them acquire the discipline and communication skills necessary for such sports.

For more information about the Papy Kids Sports Academy please visit our web page: Papy Kids Sports Academy

Imagine yourself enjoying a barbeque while viewing the sunset from your terrace – just 50 meters from the beach. Belek hotels provide you many options to live your dream villa holiday with the luxury 5-star all-inclusive benefits.

Complimentary 24-hour room service, free pavilions, unlimited prioritized bookings in A’la carte restaurants, VIP setup, Jacuzzi and many other features await you in your Belek villa holiday.

Papillon Ayscha'da Butler Hizmeti ile Hayalinizdeki Villa Keyfi

A 5-Star Family Villa Holiday

If you are looking for some bit of privacy but still have the all-inclusive benefits, Belek is the ideal destination for you.

At Papillon Hotels we provide different options for famillies and couples:

At Papillon Zeugma Relaxury:

  • Luxury Pool Suite: Swim-up style rooms situated around shared pools.

At Papillon Ayscha 

  • Select Villa: Total of 56 villas situated around 8 shared pools.
  • Deluxe Villa: 175m2 villas with 3 bedrooms, Jacuzzi and private pool.
  • Presidential Villa: 403m2 villa on the beachfront with private pool, Jacuzzi, terrace and 5 bedrooms.
Villa Holiday

Premium Villa Experience with Butler Service

For an excellent villa experience, it is best to have somebody else light the barbecue and prepare the dinner, right?

If you want a premium villa experience, we now offer a special butler service. A private butler will serve you for all your booking, services and dining. Plus a one-time barbeque in the Deluxe and Presidential villas at Papillon Ayscha. Your butler will also bring food and beverages to your pavilions and serve you on the beach.

For more information about this service and all other details about the villa experience read our blog: Your Dream Villa Experience with Butler Service

Antalya which is known as Turkish Riviera (or the Turquoise Coast) features the most famous beaches in Turkey. It is even as if the mother nature decided to showcase her beauties where soft sands meet the crystal waters.

So it is no coincidence that Antalya is the honeymoon destination for 1 of every 3 newlyweds in Turkey. The perfect nature is ideal for couples who wish to celebrate the best days of their life.

Papillon ile Belek 'te Özel Bir Balayı Tatili

A Special Honeymoon in Belek

Papillon Hotels has created Honeymoon Packages for couples seeking exclusive honeymoon villas along with a sense of privacy and intimacy.

For more information about an ideal honeymoon in Belek, read our blog article: A Special Honeymoon in Belek with Papillon!

Couple Holiday

Best SPA&Wellness Holiday in Belek

30 years ago Belek was reborn from sands to lush green forests in the hands of forest workers.  It is also today a symbol of wellness and nature inspired holidays.

If you wish to replenish your soul, a world-class SPA awaits you in all 3 Papillon Hotels. Reborn SPA is a part of all Papillon Hotels. It features a Turkish bath, steam rooms, saunas, heated indoor pools, Jacuzzi, fitness centre, treatment rooms, a luxurious private spa suite and a relaxation lounge. Here, you can enjoy amazing spa treatments, take a group fitness class and explore wellness with world-class experts.

With green pine forests and clear weather, Belek is an ideal destination for nature holidays or sports holidays.

Belek is an important destination for professional football clubs from all around the world for mid-season training camps. In 2013, more than 1300 clubs from around the world chose Belek for a perfect sports camp experience.

Sports Camps

Papillon Sports Centre

Papillon Sports Centre serves teams from all over the world on five football fields. Walking and running tracks are also available for endurance training among the pine trees. Centre also includes a building with four locker &equipment rooms, training room, massage rooms plus a cafeteria.

For more information about the Sports Camp Experience at belek read our blog Papillon Sports Centre: Perfect Camp Experience

Sports Camps

Meetings & Congress

Belek has proved itself as an important destination in congress tourism with countless national and international meetings and conferences.

Some of the high profile meetings in Belek include G-20 World Leaders Summit and NATO Foreign Ministers Assembly in 2015.

We as Papillon Hotels provide meeting and conference services in all our hotels. Please contact for all the details you would like to learn.

Sports Camps

Historical Sites Around Belek

Belek is also near to many historical sites like Perge and Aspendos.

Perge features an ancient theatre, a roman bath, a stadium, a monumental fountain and a grand colonnaded road.

Established by Achaeans fleeing after their defeat in the Trojan War, ancient Aspendos is renowned for its magnificent theatre. With a capacity of 12,000, the ancient Roman-era theatre is still in use today, hosting operas and other events. Just 30 minutes from Belek, the proximity of Aspendos makes it even more of a must-see.

For all the historical sites around Belek read our blog:Antalya: The Place Where All The Tribes Live Together!