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Papillon Belvil: Heart of Nature

Family Friendly and Fun!

Welcome to Papillon Belvil, your home among lush green pine trees with a cosy athomsphere right at the heart of nature.

Papyland & Papy Kids Club await you for an incredible family fun. Papyland Aquapark has 6 different slides ranging from a 38 mt freefall to an adrenaline filled descent into pitch-black of space.

Our Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome certified chef Fırat Doğan, who has completed his 18th year at Papillon Hotels, continues to prepare best meals for you and your kids. Aside from food and delicious beverages, special gala nights and quality evening shows also await you for additional fun.

Papillon Belvil has been awarded “Best Family Hotel in Turkey” in 2015 together with a 12th place in the “Best Family Hotels in The World” rankings.

Papillon Otelleri




Experience The Papillon Style

Golden sandy beaches of Belek, lots of activities for kids, aqupark and crystal clear pools, delicious open buffet meals, free drinks and quality animation & shows. These are already the staples of a “Luxury Belek Holiday” aren’t they?

While all these are “already included” in the Papillon Experience, many new trends such as “that barista workshop you never had time to attend”, a drama school for your kids complete from rehearsals to make-up & costumes, new holiday activity trends like Aqua-Cycling, gourmet tastes from multiple world cuisines all await you at Papillon Hotels for a complete Papillon Experience

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Papy Kids Sports Academy

With the motto #webelieve, Papy Kids Sports Academy is launching in 2020.
Kids will be able to join swimming, football and tennis classes and receive lessons from professional instructors.

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