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High Class SPA Experience

Body meets soul at REBORN SPA.

As a hotel guest, you will have full access to this sparkling unique universe of wellness. This tranquil, spacious and blissful complex comprises a Turkish bath, steam rooms, saunas, heated indoor pools, Jacuzzi, fitness centre, treatment rooms, a luxurious private spa suite and a relaxation lounge.

Here, you can enjoy amazing spa treatments, swim laps, take a group fitness class,  get a great workout at the fitness centre and explore your wellness with world-class experts. A variety of manicure and pedicure treatments to polish and perfect nails, hands and feet, and premium hair services are available in our Image Saloon.

As a Papillon Hotels Resort SPA brand REBORN SPA promises you high standard treatments and tailor-made services.

We invite you to choose individual new-age treatments which we will program together with our experienced team.  We look forward to taking you on a totally new and unique REBORN SPA journey.


 Experience private treatments wrapped in glamour and luxury.

 We are offering our guests the feeling of being a SPA owner by designing a contemporary & refined, cornered-off luxurious area in our REBORN SPA with a euphoric and modern Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, relaxation area and sophisticated massage rooms.

Treat yourself with an array of dignified cosmetic products – each and every treatment will be carefully selected and is individual to your requirements.

Relish in the impeccable service quality provided by our professional and highly qualified staff in our Luxury Spa situated in the REBORN SPA.


At REBORN SPA, you have the choice to receive a free consultation with one of our specialists for manual therapy treatment and manuel lymph drainage.

Our centre of extensive expertise can ensure a marked improvement after the first treatment. During this treatment, you will fell a charge of vivacity and the ability to fully relax.


We invite you to taste a reinterpretation of traditional hamam rituals which will take you on an adventure into the world of traditional Ottoman relaxation.

Enjoy the soothing effect of hot water in a mystical ambience relished by Sultans of the past. This oriental ritual will lift your body and soul by peeling your skin with a silk glove and aromatic masks with coffee and honey that will make your skin smooth, muscles relaxed and boost your natural skin regeneration.

Your deeply cleansed skin will easily tan, leaving you bronze like stars.  A purifying foam massage will leave you feeling exhilerated, as if on clouds. Enjoy your experience of being REBORN.