2018 Was A Record Breaking Year for Turkish Tourism

2018 was a year full of records both in Turkey and in the world. In Turkey the tourism had its best year so far. Antalya had broken its own records while receiving 30% more foreign travellers compared to previous year. Also the temperatures broke records both in Turkey and globally in 2018. According to global statistics, 2018 was the 5th hottest year since 1880. This lead to an unusually long summer season of nearly 7 months in Antalya lasting from April to November.

After such a successfull year, Turkish tourism industry is looking ahead for an even more successfull 2019. According to TUI Germany Tourism Director Stefan Baumert, early booking numbers to Turkey have increased in “triple digits” compared to 2018 and Turkey now ranks as the 3rd most preferred destination for the German tourists.[1] Similar results were also announced by Martin Lohmann in the CMT Tourism Fair in Stuttgart, Germany. The reiseanalyse.de annual poll including 7500 people shows that Turkey now ranks as the 3rd preferred destination for Gemran travellers after Spain and Italy. [2]

After this unforgettable (and very hot!) 2018 summer, the 2019 summer season is shaping up to be another succesfull one for the Turkish tourism industry. If you wish to relax in the pristine beaches of Mediterranean in any one of the 3 Papillon Hotels, it is still not too late for early booking opportunities! Check our early booking page for limited number of rooms this month. Also continue checking our social media and blog for future booking opportunities!

Booking Trends By Months

For many hoteliers in Antalya, the hottest seasons for reservations are the January-February early booking periods and the summer months of last-minute bookings. During the summer, the last-minute bookers keep the demand high until August and then the low-season bookers start searching for better prices for September.

The demand for September-October period becomes even higher in unusually warmer years like 2018 . After a serious drop in October, bookings usually do not pick up until after the Christmas holiday. [3]

This reservation trend repeats every year because people tend to postpone their summer plans until after the Christmas. Everybody tends to think and prepare for the big winter holiday before they start planning for their next summer holiday.

Right after the Christmas break, people return to their jobs in the rather gloomy months of winter and the ad campaigns start running on TV and every other media to remind them about the warm, summer days.

Right after a long winter break it is very hard for people to resist the temptation of sunny skies and warm weather coupled with early booking offers. During work-hours, coffe breaks or on the way home people start searching for the best deals on the holiday portals overflowing with bright summer pictures, essentially escaping from the gloom of daily life.

For many hotels, the period starting from January is full with promotional activities, tourism fairs and workshops. Between January and April, more than 100 tourism events are held globally, attracting millions of people to those events.We, as Papillon Hotels, have attended workshops and events in Luxembourg and Hungary in January and will be attending many more events in the next months.Don’t forget to drop by and say hello if you are joining a tourism event in near future!


New Club Rooms For the 2019 Summer Season

Papillon Belvil, recipient of 2015 TripAdvisor Turkey’s Best Family Hotel Award, is preparing for the 2019 summer season with its renovated Club Rooms now named as “Comfort Club Rooms”. The Club Rooms, which are one of the many distinguished features of Papillon Belvil, are situated outside the main building among the pine trees. The rooms are in 2 storey separate buildings, featuring balconies overlooking the gardens. If you are wondering about the changes to the renovated Club Rooms, do not forget to check our “Belvil Club Rooms Are Renovating!” blog post.



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