A Special Honeymoon in Belek with Papillon

One of the most ideal destinations on earth for couples – with gorgeous nature, sunny days, sparkling skies and clear blue sea – Antalya is preferred by one out of every three honeymooning couples in Turkey. This special city features a dizzying fragrance and more than 800 varieties of endemic flora. And, do we even need to describe the enchanting atmosphere of the Belek beaches? where the Papillon Hotels are located?

Located on those same dazzling beaches of Belek, Papillon Hotels has created Honeymoon Packages for couples seeking exclusive honeymoon villas along with a sense of privacy and intimacy.

You can enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon with special offers at our Select Villas, located just steps from four private pools in Papillon Ayscha, or at Luxury Pool Suites set near private pool areas at Papillon Zeugma.

Imagine taking long walks on golden sands with your life partner, hand in hand. Or waking up in a honeymoon suite with a private Jacuzzi and butterflies fluttering outside. Warm spring mornings or balmy summer evenings, sweetly scented by colourful blossoms and lush green trees.

All this, and more, awaits you at Papillon of Belek with special discounts for your most beautiful days –  offering the fine services you expect in the best honeymoon hotels: a special welcome from the moment you enter our hotel; wine and chocolates in your airy room; a revitalizing session at the Reborn SPA; and a romantic dinner catered by our award-winning Executive Chef Bülent Erginyavuz and his team.

A Honeymoon is Different in Antalya
  • The Antalya Sunshine
    Antalya leads among Turkish cities with its number of sunny days, offering guests and residents alike a summer holiday that begins in the spring; sea water temperatures typically reach 21 degrees before the end of April.
  • The Antalya Blues
    These blues refer to the endless range of hues, from azure morning skies to the silky midnight blues of evening. As well, the golden sands of Belek’s famed Blue Flag beaches – ideal for honeymoon selfies!
  • The Antalya Greens
  • Belek Köprülü Canyon, located 45 km from Belek, provides breath-taking opportunities for adrenaline seekers with rafting or trekking activities. Our helpful Information Desk staff can direct you to our tour guides, who will help you discover national parks and walking tracks – and amazing selfie opportunities amid lush green landscapes.
  • Antalya Nightlife
    Add even more spice to your honeymoon: after a romantic dinner, enjoy a spring or summer evening with live music and open-air concerts, DJ sessions and dance performances.
Honeymoon at Papillon

We have created an exclusive Honeymoon Package at Papillon Ayscha and Papillon Zeugma, for you to experience the beauties of Antalya while enjoying your honeymoon – a Honeymoon Package designed to crown your special moments with joy, delight and happiness.

Special Honeymoon Package
  • Special discounts at Select Villas at Papillon Ayscha and Luxury Pool Suites at Papillon Zeugma
  • Special welcome at the entrance of the hotel
  • Offering flowers, wine and chocolate in rooms
  • Free dinner at the à la carte restaurant
  • Special offers on treatments and massages at our Reborn SPA Centre
Did you know:
  • Antalya is Preferred by Honeymoon Couples
    While one-third of all honeymoon couples select Antalya when they visit Turkey, Bodrum holds second place, with 8%. Seven percent of honeymoon couples travel abroad, while the Turkish cities of Mersin and Marmaris tie for fourth place, with 5%.  [1]
  • Sun of 4 Seasons
    Antalya is among the leading cities in Turkey for the total number of sunny days annually, thanks to the climate conditions provided by the Taurus Mountains. In Turkey, Antalya was recognized as one of the cities offering the optimal holiday conditions – with temperatures ranging between 20-35 degrees in April 2018. [2]
  • Antalya’s Incredible Nature
    Antalya alone is home for 840 types of endemic plants. This surpasses the number of endemic plants in some countries, such as Italy and Spain. [3] Turkey has an important place worldwide, with approximately 12,000 plant taxa. Throughout Europe – which is 25 times larger than Turkey – the total number of taxa is 11,000! And, approximately 25% of those 12,000 taxa are prevalent in the province of Antalya. [4]

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