A Superior Standard, All-Inclusive Experience at Papillon

À la carte (in French, “according to the menu”)
The practice of ordering individual dishes from a menu in a restaurant as opposed to the service of a set menu.

An All-Inclusive Holiday Transformed into a Gastronomic Feast

Antalya is today the world’s leading destination for all-inclusive concepts. Developed in the 1950s, the all-inclusive concept – originally a type of social-tourism movement in which guests washed their own dishes – has evolved into a completely different model with the rise of tourism in Turkey in the 90s. And, today, the gastronomic feasts that we offer at Papillon Hotels, such as High Class All-Inclusive, which you can find in the most luxurious hotels, are on offer with the all-inclusive vacation package. If you want to taste culinary specialties from international cuisine, prepared by excellent chefs such as Bülent Erginyavuz, awarded the Grand Prix Award of the Association of Turkish Chefs (TAF), we suggest that you become acquainted with the Papillon Zeugma‘s High Class All-Inclusive concept!

Hold on a moment – that’s not All-Inclusive!

In fact, for many holidaymakers in the past, all-inclusive indicated just a food buffet and standard animation shows. In today’s digital age, however, the high-end holiday experience requires exclusivity. The Insight Report, published by Travel Weekly in 2016, reveals that the all-inclusive concept is becoming increasingly popular among travellers. For today, the all-inclusive concept consists of an individual holiday and the right holiday budget. It is tempting to put on your backpack and explore the world on foot when you are young. But imagine including a kangaroo or a push chair: not quite as carefree, right? As well, the day will come when your holiday budget may dictate your holiday. On this day, you’ll find that new generation all-inclusive hotels like the Papillon Zeugma can accommodate you.

What is High Class All-Inclusive?

At Papillon Zeugma operating in line with the high-class all-inclusive concept, there is the main restaurant, Mosaic, as well as four à la carte restaurants serving international cuisine prepared by talented chefs. There is a fast-food corner offering a wide range of snacks – from gourmet sandwiches to baked potatoes – during the day; five concept bars (Terrace, Zeugma, Pool, Z Lounge, Vienna Bar) where you can sample delicious cocktails; the Beach Bar for post-swim snacks; and the Macrina Patisserie with coffee and chocolate varieties. In addition, many surprise parties and evenings with great entertainment – other than the Standard activities – await you.

An excellent à la carte experience

An excellent à la carte experience is a harmony of high quality food, personalized attention, a luxurious ambience and fine drinks.

Among the many reasons that you can be certain that the quality of the food will exceed your expectations at Papillon Zeugma’s beautiful à la carte restaurants: our stellar chefs and our excellent executive chef!

Our Executive Chef has been recognized by the Association of Turkish Chefs with the Grand Prix Award. Our Chef takes you on a culinary journey of discovery at the Papillon Hotels with specialties from distant lands! Book your holiday today at the Papillon Zeugma Relaxury – and embark on a pleasure trip!