Best Belek Weather Awaits You At Papillon Hotels

All of the continental Europe is under a sweltering heatwave since 25th of June but Antalya is blessed with dry northern winds which keep the humididty around 30-40% which makes it much easier for guests to adapt to the weather and let them enjoy the blue Mediterranean nights much more.


Even during all of June and beginning of July, Antalya weather was blessed with light evening rains which are called “Kırkindi (Forty-Afternoons)”. These rains are traditional Anatolian rains mostly observed during the start of summer season and believed to last 40 days, usually starting in the late afternoon. While these Kırkikindi rains are not typical for Antalya, they have provided relief for many vacationers for more than 10 days during June.

Antalya Gets Relief While Europe Is Suffering The Heat Wave

What causes these northern winds and late afternoon rains is actually the heat wave that has grasped the central Europe for a while. The low pressure system is creating winds in the clockwork direction thus moving the air from Ukraine and Black Sea right over to central Anatolia and Antalya. When those northern winds meet with the still hot mediterranean air over the sea they form convectional rains in the late afternoon and evenings, providing some small relief from the temperatures that hover around 30-35 degrees.


After the 2008 heat wave that has caused great damages to all Europe, the 2019 is also shaping up to be a historically hot season for both Europe and the whole world. According to European Weather Forecasting Agency June 2019 has been the hottest year surpassing June 2016 average with 0.1 Celcius, and some local temperatures around southern Europe were around 10 degrees above the normal averages.


The European heat wave started in central germany during the start of June, with temperatures reaching around 36 degrees in the state of Brandenburg After the 25th of June in southern France temperatures reaching up to 45.9 degrees were recorded. Europe, a coninent normally not known for its extreme hot summers, is now contemplating the ways it could tackle the problems which will possibly increase in frequency in the near future due to climate change.

Antalya Is Always Ready For Heat Waves With Its Blue-Flag beaches!

Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognised voluntary eco-labels awarded to beacheswhich require a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria to qualify. All Papillon Hotels feature sand beaches awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag which proves all environmental and safety standards are met and maintained.


While many Euopean cities without any shoreline are taking precautions against heat waves, Antalya is always ready for the extreme weather conditions with its 640km shoreline and Blue-Flag beaches. It is always easy to hop pn a direct flight to antalya and enjoy our beaches as the popular flight planning site Kayak is listing 11 UK airports for direct flights to Antalya in July.


Papillon Hotels await you in those hot “dog days of summer” to our sandy Blue-Flag beaches to revitalize in the best of Mediterranean!

Did You Know?

Kırkikindi (Forty-Afternoon) Rains are mostly effective in Central Anatolian Region and provides relief to those arid regions during the start of summer. Those rains increase the diversity of the central Anatolian flora and fauna allowing the Central Anatolian Region to have many endemic species. Those rains usually are not effective in southern mediterranean regions but from time to time they are able to pass the taurus mountain barrier that separates the Turkish Mediterranean Region from Central Anatolian Region and cause light summer rains southern cities like Antalya.

The english term of “dog days” or “dog days of summer” are used for the hottest days of summer when people suffer from lethargy and is known as a period of stagnation and inactivity mostly due to weather conditions. The English name is derived from the Roman term “dies caniculares” which points to the days Sirius “the Dog-star” comes up over the horizon at about the same time as the sun.


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