Best May Holiday at Papillon Hotels with MayFest

May is the most beautiful month in Antalya, where you can go swimming and enjoy the sun without getting overwhelmed by heat. In thismonth, the sea temperature rises to 20 °C and weather temperature above 22 °C.

We, as Papillon Hotels, have prepared this wonderful Papillon May Festival program that will take place between May 1-10, for those who are making plans for the best May holiday in Antalya.

Many events ranging from Wonderland Show based on Alice in Wonderland to football tournaments await you during the MayFest. In addition, workshops where you can learn the intricacies of preparing sushi, cocktails and delicious coffee with our award-winning chefs will be available in select hotels. For your whole family, many activities and courses will be available such as Papy Kids Sports Academy and Papy Kids Football Tournament during MayFest.

Enjoy the Mediterranean sea and sun in May before it gets really hot. Book your place at Papillon Hotels now!

May Holiday in Antalya

The month of May is the ideal time for people who like to swim and sunbathe without getting burnt too much by famous summer heat of Antalya. Antalya weather and sea temperatures reach above 20 °C , which may be ideal for having a refreshing dip. Sea temps reach above 25 °C in June and more than 28 °C in July with a max. recorded sea temp. of 34 °C.

January February March April May June July
Avg. Sea Temp. (°C) 10.3 10.9 12.7 15.9 20.3 24.5 28.2
Max. Sea Temp. (°C) 14.8 15.4 17.8 21.2 25.9 30.2 34.1

Rains also take a break in May. Rainfall statistics, which shows values up to 212mm in January, drop to 29mm in May.  Antalya weather, with only 3 rainy days in average, is generally pretty sunny overall in May.

With the effect of global warming, it is getting hotter each year causing the temperatures to rise well above the long term averages. According to Accuweather statistics, weather temperatures in May 2019 were well above long-term averages and even reached 35 °C on 31 May 2019. [1]

Papillon MayFest: A Great Start for the Summer

As Papillon Hotels, we have prepared special events within the scope of MayFest for those who are looking for a great May holiday. There are a lot of activities available, ranging from gourmet festivals, special shows and YOGA classes to kids football torunaments and fashion days which will all take place between 1-10 May !

  • Wonderland!: Wonderland musical, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, decorated with acrobatic performances, comes to all Papillon hotels exclusively during MayFest. Book your place in our hotels between May 1-10, and watch the Wonderland musical in a magnificent Mediterrenean setting!
  • Papy Kids Football Tournament: Kids of ages 7-12 can join the Papy Kids Football Tournament which will be held between 5-6 of May. All matches up to the final will be played at our 3 hotels and the finals will be held on May 7 at Papillon Belvil.
  • International Gourmet Festival (Papillon Zeugma Relaxury): World-renowned chefs will show their talents at the International Gastronomy Festival within the scope of MayFest. Many workshops will be held for guests who want to prepare tastes such as sushi, detox soup and chocolate. During the festival, competitions, street food stands and many more will be available at Papillon Zeugma Relaxury.
  • Papillon YOGA Days (Papillon Belvil): A favorite of our guests in 2019 summer season is back in 2020. During the May holiday, Papillon YOGA Days is at Papillon Belvil to refresh your soul and body among the beautiful nature of Belek!
  • Papillon Kids Fashion Days (Papillon Ayscha): Papillon Kids Fashion Days, one of our guests’ favorite, is at Papillon Ayscha as part of 2020 MayFest! Children will enjoy all the stages of a fashion show under the supervision of real fashion designers and makeup artists.

Visit our Papillon MayFest page for all Papillon May Festival Events!



Stage Shows

We are waiting for you to MayFest between May 1-10 this year for stage shows that impress each other during May holidays. For details of all shows, visit our Shows page in the Events section!



A Fitness Inspired May Holiday

Many activities await those who wish to have some fun and do some exercises before summer. From Aqua Zumba and Pilates to Belly Dance Workshop enjoy a fitness inspired May holiday at Papillon Hotels:

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Activities For Kids

  • Madagaskar Kids Show
  • Pirates Day
  • Garden Kids Festival
  • Magic Show
  • Bubble Show
  • Mini Disco
  • Kids YOGA
  • Master Panda
  • Papy Kids Art Studio
  • Ghost Day
  • Moscow Kids Circus
  • Kids Carnival


History of MayFest

MayFest (MaiFest, Hıdırellez, Maypole) are festivals in different cultures, celebrated between late April and early May, symbolizing the awakening of nature.

  • In celebrations known as Maifest in Germany, cities and villages are decorated with colorful cloths and flowers. In some areas, bonfires are lit and competitions are organized in which the May king and the queen are selected. Maibaum (May poles) are erected on the marketplaces and local people dance around these poles. One of the Maibaum traditions is the May tree with ribbons and colorful cloths. This tradition shows similarities with the wish tree in “Hıdırellez” in Turkic nations. [2]
  • In some countries where the Germanic culture is influential, there are similar May celebrations. Similar to Maibaum people dance around a ribbon-tied pole called MayPole in Sweden and Scotland and Wales in the UK. [3]
  • May 6th is known as “Hıdırellez” in Turkey and Turkic nations and the day is celebrated as the beginning of the summer after the winter season which starts on November 8. This festival corresponds to April 23rd on Rumi calendar, which was used in the Ottoman period. Similar days between April 23 and May 6 are celebrated as St. Georges Day by Catholic Christians and Aya Yorgi by Orthodox Christians. [4]
  • May 1st Labor Day is celebrated as an official holiday in many countries. In Russia, May 1st till 5th is celebrated as International Workers’ Day.


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