Brand New À La Carte Experience at Papillon Belvil!

This season Papillon Belvil is offering a brand new à la carte experience. As well as Italian and Far East cuisine, Turkish Fish Cuisine is now available at our à la carte restaurants during the 2020 summer season!

Papillon Belvil A'la Carte

With the menus updated by Chef Bülent Erginyavuz, all the restaurants at Papillon Belvil will be at your service with brand new dishes and special culinary experiences. Papy Kids Restaurant, which offers special dishes for children, has also updated its menu.


A Brand-New Option at Papillon Belvil: Turkish Fish Cuisine

Now you have three different à la carte menu options for your culinary pleasure at Papillon Belvil. As well as Italian and Far East cuisine, you will be able to choose Turkish fish cuisine at Papillon Belvil this season.

So not only are there typical Italian dishes such as ravioli, pizza, carpaccio, lombata and tiramisu, but also you can choose seafood such as flounder, squid, octopus and roe accompanied by delicious Turkish appetizers like muhammara under the roof of the spacious Dolce Vita à La carte restaurant on the beach.

If you want to eat delicious seafood with a unique Mediterranean view at Dolce Vita, we are waiting for you at Papillon Belvil this summer! Dolce Vita has its updated menu ready for you!

All our guests can enjoy Dolce Vita à La Carte Restaurant free of charge once during their stay! It is open every day from 19:00 to 21:00, and reservation is required.


Far East Tastes at Dragon À La Carte Restaurant

Our Dragon à la carte restaurant, which serves the flavours of the Far East, has an updated menu this season. The 2020 menu of Dragon à la carte has been prepared by our chief Bülent Erginyavuz, who completed his training at Tokyo Sushi Academy last year and has been presenting Sushi Master Class workshops at Papillon Hotels.

Diverse Far Eastern flavours such as kimchi from Korean cuisine, yakitori, sushi and sashimi from Japanese cuisine and gyoza from Chinese cuisine are among the delicious options.

Mango sago, a Hong Kong dessert prepared with mango, coconut milk and chia seeds, and pancakes prepared with fried banana, the popular taste of Southeast Asia, feature among the dessert options.

All our guests have the chance to eat at Dragon à la carte Restaurant of Papillon Belvil with its updated menu free of charge once during their stay! It is open every day from 19:00 to 21:00, and reservations are required.


Papillon Belvil À La Carte Menus

This season, all à la carte menus have been updated at Papillon Belvil. You can browse the new menus on the Papillon Hotels App on iOS and Android Play Store or by clicking the links below.

Our menus: