Enjoy RELAXURY at Papillon Zeugma

The most aspiring member of the Papillon Hotels group, Papillon Zeugma Relaxury, is combining the latest trends and popular entertainment with outstanding 25th year special events, to make your summer holidays as special as possible!

Papillon Zeugma Relaxury features many services that will make your holiday special; from world famous shows such as the Fire of Anatolia, to new trends such as Holi-Fest and Aqua-Cycling! Enjoy these and feel the RELAXURY difference!

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the luxury of Papillon Zeugma Relaxury this summer!

Special “Fire of Anatolia” Shows

Fire of Anatolia, one of Turkey’s most famous dance troupes, is at Papillon Zeugma every Thursday this summer! Fire of Anatolia will perform every week in an exclusive showroom at the Aspendos Arena in Antalya.


Holi-Fest & Foam Party

The Papillon Zeugma Holi-Fest will be celebrated on July 6th, with white coloured t-shirts, coloured powders, and music! Guests who experienced the celebration of colours will be excited to continue the fun with the foam party afterwards!

Aqua Cycling

Aqua Cycling is one of the newest exercise trends of 2018, and allows you to complete your morning exercises with our animation team, while enjoying the coolness of the pool! Aqua Cycling utilises the buoyancy of the water to allow you to do cycling exercises without putting stress on your joints! And instead of becoming sweaty and uncomfortable, you can enjoy the cool water!

Yeni trend otelimizde!The new trend is on here with us!www.papilllon.com.tr

Papillon Zeugma Relaxury paylaştı: 6 Ağustos 2018 Pazartesi

Beer Garden

Located in the Relax Pool area, the Beer Garden offers a comfortable setting to enjoy popular beer brands throughout the day and night. You can find several international brands of beer at the Beer Garden, and enjoy delicious snacks, and a pleasant atmosphere by the Relax Pool.

Yeni bira bahçemiz geniş konsepti ile hizmetinizde.Our new Beer Garden is at your service with its large concept.www.papillon.com.tr

Papillon Zeugma Relaxury paylaştı: 23 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba

Did You Know?

  • Fire of Anatolia, which have performed for more than five million spectators in over five thousand shows since 2001, is one of Turkey’s most important dance troupes. The troupe is performing at some of the most distinguished hotels in Antalya over the summer, and takes  inspiration from the thousands of years of mythological and cultural history of Anatolia. Consisting of three thousand folk dancers, and folk music compiled from different regions, the group is considered to be one of the biggest dance troupes in the world, with over 250 staff members.[1]
  • Holi Festival is a festival originating in India, and becoming popular around the world. In Rangwali Holi, the biggest event of the Holi Festival, people throw coloured powder called gulal at each other. This event, where harmless food dye is used, is gaining popularity worldwide, and is organised in different cities of Turkey in the summer, with DJ parties and concerts.[2]
  • Aqua Cycling is a new fitness trend which spread first to Europe, then to the Caribbean, and lastly to America. The sport can allow you to burn up to 800 calories per hour, and is safer than regular road cycling.[3]



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