Thanks to the Taurus Mountains, Antalya enjoys a mild climate. If you are looking for an October holiday in Antalya, with sunny days and temperatures around 30°C you will not be disappointed.

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is generally much warmer in October than most of Europe. Even though the potential for rain rises towards the end of October, Antalya’s mountain backdrop protects its beaches from cool northern winds.

In general, visitors can savour an average of eight hours of sunlight per day in October, at a moderate UV that corresponds to that of April. It’s terrific weather for sunbathing!


Average October Temperatures in Antalya

At the beginning of the month, temperatures hover around 28°C, dropping to 24°C at the end of the month in Antalya – the average temperature during October is 26°C. Needless to say, visitors can still wear light clothing, and the seawater temperature of 25ºC is ideal for swimming.

In 2019, the temperature on the beaches reached almost 35°C in mid-October, with overjoyed holidaymakers flocking to the city’s famous Konyaaltı and Lara beaches. [1]

Ekim tatil fırsatları


A Special October in 2020

As noted in our  “Papillon Festivals” article, the annual Oktoberfest at Papillon is inspired by the lively German festival and features traditional food and drinks. This year, an unusual astronomical event takes place: two full moons during the month of October. The first is on October 1st, while the second, on October 31 – Halloween – will be a blue moon. Blue moons are uncommon and to have it fall on Halloween is rare. The next Halloween blue moon will take place in 2039!.

We await you at Papillon Hotels in October. Come celebrate the double full moons – and enjoy many other activities, from Oktoberfest to Halloween!


The Equinox Moon

Occurring in late September or early October, the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox is celebrated by different cultures around the world. In Europe, the harvest moon was marked by late summer harvests, conducted by the light of the full moon, and concluding with bonfires.  These harvest festivals, dating from pre-Christian eras, were continued by English immigrants  arriving on the American continent. The holiday of Thanksgiving originates from these harvest festivals.

In Asia, the Equinox full moon is considered the brightest full moon, and is celebrated as the Mid-Autumn Festival. While specific festival traditions differ from country to country, they generally involve lights or lanterns, gifts, and family gatherings – and, of course, special dishes!

The Autumn Festival lasts three days in South Korea, with families gathering. In Taiwan, the Mid-Autumn Festival is observed by eating croissants and pomelo. And in Vietnam, the Autumn Festival is known as the ‘Children’s Festival’, where kids carry illuminated lanterns and enjoy lively performances.

In China, the heavily garnished tables in observance of the full moon are based on a legend. Long ago, a hero called Hou Yi shot down nine of the world’s 10 suns with his bow and arrow. In exchange, the Goddess of the Sky gave Hou Yi an elixir that would allow him to ascend to heaven. However, Hou Yi did not want to leave his wife on Earth, so he did not drink the elixir. Instead, a villain attempted to steal the elixir from Hou Yi’s home and, in the process, the wife of Hou Yi drank the elixir herself, to protect it. She rose to heaven and onto the moon. Thus, the heartbroken Hou Yi honours his wife by offering her favourite foods during the brightest full moon of the year.


As we slowly bid farewell to the summer of 2020, we invite you to enjoy this October with your own loved ones in Belek, the paradise of Antalya. Please contact us for more information on our special October deals!



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