Festivals at Papillon Hotels Dazzled The Guests in 2019

Papillon Festivals are one of the hallmarks of Papillon Hotels. For families, looking for a Belek hotel with many festivals, Papillon Hotels are the correct choice!

In 2019 all our guests, from kids to adults, have enjoyed our festivals all season long. From Oktoberfest to Dragon Boat Festival, May Fest to Kids Fest we did our best to provide you best Belek all-inclusive holiday.

As Papillon Hotels, we welcome all our guests to join our festivals in 2020. If you would like to know more about our events including festivals, sports tournaments, workshops and many more, please visit our Events page.

Book now to enjoy the Papillon Experience in 2020 holiday season.


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? Last summer was full of spectacular events and festivals, and activities for all ages! We already look forward to a new summer season! Join us and book now on www.papillon.com.tr. ? Прошлое лето было полным интересных событий и фестивалей, а также мероприятий для всех возрастов! Мы уже с нетерпением ждем нового летнего сезона! Присоединяйтесь к нам и бронируйте сейчас на www.papillon.com.tr. ? Geçen yaz muhteşem gösteriler, festivaller ve her yaştan misafirimizin katıldığı etkinliklerle doluydu! Yeni bir yaz sezonu için şimdiden sabırsızlanmaya başladık! Bize katılın ve şimdi www.papillon.com.tr'den rezervasyonunuzu yapın! . #papillonhotels #papillonzeugmarelaxury #papillonayscha #papillonbelvil #papillonwelcomesyou

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Papillon Kids Fest

The traditional Papillon Kids Fest was celebrated in both Papillon Belvil and Papillon Zeugma Relaxury with buffets prepared by our chefs for our little guests, games, a fun band, clowns and famous cartoon characters this year.

With many awards such as Turkey’s Best Family Hotel, we are striving to bring you the best Belek family holiday. Our traditional Kids festivals are one of the main reasons why many families all around the word choose Papillon Hotels for the best summer family vacation.



Papillon OktoberFest

Oktoberfest was celebrated at all hotels within the Papillon Hotels group. The festival, in which traditional food and drinks of German culture are presented to our guest with traditional clothes and settings, has become one of our guests’ favorite.

Oktoberfest, which is celebrated for 2 weeks in October every year in Germany, is one of the most important festivals of the Bavarian culture. Traditionally in Munich, the capital of the Bavarian state, it begins with the ceremony where the city’s ruler taps a big beer keg . Oktoberfest inspired similar celebrations in many countries of the world. Organized under the name of “Oktoberfest celebrations” in many countries from America to Russia, these events are held regularly, especially in regions where ancestral German population is frequent.



Papillon Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat festival, which coincided with June 7 in 2019, was celebrated with competitions and entertainments at Papillon Ayscha. Teams raced with each other for the fastest lap times in tradional wooden boats with dragon paintings.

Dragon Boat Fetival is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th month according to the Chinese calendar, and its original name is Duanwu Jie. This 3-day event originated when poet Qu Yuan fell into the Miluo river in China in the 3rd century, and people in row boats rushed to rescue him. Dragon Boat Festival has been celebrated in China for over 2000 years. This festival has also been included in the list of human heritage by UNESCO.