Gastronomy Days with Celebrated Chef Maxim Kopylov

Papillon continues to offer distinctive holiday experiences, featuring the week-long Gastronomy Days with acclaimed chef Maxim Kopylov.
At Papillon Belvil, guests can also enjoy the Papyland Amusement Park, a fine sandy beach and the Papy Kids Restaurant, exclusive for kids. A wide variety of activities for adults is also offered at Papillon Belvil. Recognized with the “Turkey’s Best Family Hotel” award by TripAdvisor, Papillon Belvil extends a warm welcome to guests and their families for a luxurious Belek holiday.

Vital for a Good Holiday: Good Food!

In addition to the usual elements of sea, sun and sand, a great holiday also features great food! Maxim Kopylov, the renowned chef, visited Papillon Belvil, where he collaborated with our chef Fırat
Doğan who is Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome owner himself and our highly experienced culinary team.
During the popular Gastronomy Days event, Chef Maxim Kopylov shared his expertise on preparing and presenting delicious dishes with both guests and the Papillon Belvil kitchen team.

About Maxim Kopylov

Chef Maxim Kopylov, what was your childhood career dream?

Now it’s quite fashionable but it was not so trendy in those days: I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but with a special condition: a plastic surgeon for children!

A Pediatric Plastic Surgeon? Not a very common choice I guess?

I don’t know how I got that idea – maybe because my parents are interested in medicine, I don’t know.
But fate had something different in store for me. In September 1995, I started working in the kitchen of the Slava clock factory in Moscow, and my world was turned upside down. Medicine,
Darwin and the clotting threshold of blood – all flew away, I began to build a library consisting only of cookbooks. I’ve devoted all my time since to cooking – including internships with famous chefs and taking part in corporate parties for celebrities.
  • Maxim Kopylov has worked as a chef at famous restaurants in Moscow, including Jimmy’s Pub, Expedition, Lionheart and Vermel.
  • He developed his skills at the Orved Culinary Academy and the Paul Baucus Institute in Venice (Italy) and Lyon (France).
  • He has been an Approved Judge of WACS (Category B) since 2012
  • He is a member of the Culinary Council of the National Chefs Association.
  • He is a member of the Russian Culinary Association.
  • Since 2007, he has been the chief advisor to METRO Cash & Carry.
  • He has been recognized in various events and in international competitions and exhibitions.
  • He has directed several cooking classes and television programs.
  • In 2013, he served as Brand Chief for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer World Universiade in Kazan.
  • In 2014, he served VIP guests at the Grand Prix Formula 1 in Sochi.
  • He developed his own style based on the use of regional products and both classical and modern techniques.
  • He specializes in Russian, French and Mediterranean cuisine..
  • He is currently actively teaching and participating in Start-up projects. He supervises businesses, and curates and advises various restaurant projects.

Papillon Experience

At Papillon Hotels, we strive to offer different options for the new generation experiential holiday. In addition to Yoga Days, inspiring healthier living, the Barista Workshop offers guests an opportunity to learn the intricacies of coffee preparation. As well, gastronomy events offered by master chefs, including the Sushi Master Class, are featured throughout the entire season, along with organisations such as drama school, and dance instruction for kids with famous ballet dancers.

Reserve your room now and be part of this new generation holiday experience!

Gastronomy Days

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