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“Fenerbahçe continues its training camp for the second half of season in Antalya with condition training in the forests of Belek”. This newspaper article is form 17th of January, 2001. Fenerbahçe was camping in Marmaris area until the end of 1999 but was keeping an eye on Belek region which was turning into a big open-air sports center being favored by big European teams like Borussia Dortmund. In 2000, local and foreign football teams camping in Antalya reached nearly 300. In 2000, Fenerbahçe decided to move its mid season training camp to Belvil Resort in Belek, which hosted Borussia Dortmund last year and had a FIFA standard 65m x 95m football field.

Fenerbahçe prepared for the second half of season training in the pine forests of Belek and football field of Belvil. On 25th of January, Mustafa Denizli the head coach of Fenerbahçe was praising the beautiful nature of Belek which has helped to calm the minds of players after the distractions of İstanbul. After the Belek training camp, Fenerbahçe started the second half of 2000-2001 season succesfully and became the Turkish League champions ending the 4-year reign of Galatasaray.

Today, Papillon Belvil still keeps the 65m x 95m football field that teams like Fenerbahçe, Borussia Dortmund and Shaktar Donetsk has trained, but in addition it has 6 more football fields thanks to Papillon Sports Center. All the teams that are accomodating in our Papillon Hotels are able to use the service & facilities Papillon Sports Center provides. With its first class facilities and FIFA standard fields, Papillon Sports Center is awaiting teams & players from all around the globe just as it has been doing for the last 25 years.


Papillon Sports Centre serves teams from all over the world on five football fields and one 45m x 70m field, designed in accordance with FIFA standards. Fields in a range of sizes (68 x 105, 65 x 95 and 45 x 70) provide flexibility that appeals to football stars of any age group. Walking and running tracks are also available for endurance training, both inside and around the facility; up to 2 km, among the pine trees. Our facility also offers training camp facilities for national and international football teams. We have a 600 sqm club building with four locker and equipment rooms, and there is a cafeteria at the Centre.

We provide free shuttle service from our hotels to the Papillon Sports Centre fields. The Papillon Belvil also has a 500m running track and a 65 x 95m football field. Hosting teams such as Fenerbahçe SK, Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen, Shaktar Donetsk, our hotel is preferred by many soccer teams during both summer and winter camp periods. In addition, the limited camp period can be used even more efficiently by organizing preparation matches with other teams staying at the hotel.


The Papillon Sports Centre is also a destination for international archery competitions.

The 47th World Archery Championship, organized by the International Archery Federation (FITA) was hosted at Papillon Sports Centre. The successful organization saw a total of 648 athletes from across the world participating, including world famous archers from 77 countries, along with Olympic and world champions. The Papillon Sports Centre, selected by teams like the German Archery National Team for past training camps, continues to greet star archery athletes.

Papillon Sports Centre

Other Sports

Offering six different grass fields, Papillon Sports Centre serves sports branches that include badminton, cricket, grass hockey and baseball.

Our services include:

  • Accommodation on the same floor with all group members (subject to availability)
  • Training at the Papillon Sports Centre twice a day and free shuttle service
  • Uniform-washing service twice a day
  • One free massage room and two massage beds
  • One free equipment room
  • Mini-bar refilled daily with water and cold drinks
  • Hot drinks service (such as tea and coffee) during training
  • Free use of selected services, including fitness, sauna and Turkish Bath
  • Free use of the Centre’s training room, located next to the fields, and equipment including TV, projection facilities and presentation board

General Information

Papillon Sports Centre is between 3 and 9km from the Papillon Hotels in the Antalya, Belek region, and 30km to the Antalya International Airport.

The experienced staff at our Sports Centre have been welcoming the best football clubs in Turkey and Europe for many years: we provide four locker / storage rooms, one training / meeting room, and a cafeteria with a vitamin bar which is in the operations building, next to the fields.

Facility Features

  • Six professionally illuminated, natural grass fields with drainage systems
  • Fitness Centres with Life Fitness and Hammer Strength brand fitness equipment in the hotels
  • 2 km jogging and walking tracks alongside the pine forest
  • Meeting / training room with projector, presentation board and TV
  • Massage rooms, with eight beds in total
  • Material rooms adjacent to massage and locker rooms
  • Football training equipment
  • Free Internet

Climate And Temperature

With an average of 300 sunny days per year, Antalya is justifiably famous for its warm climate and stunning nature. The region is considered an ideal destination for teams’ winter camps. Below, you can find statistics for Antalya based on data recorded since 1926.

Papillon Sports Centre

Some of The Teams That Prefer us

Did you know?

  • The first organized effort for football tourism in the Antalya region began in 1996 with the application of Russia’s Volgagrad team to a local travel agent for a camp location. The team was to travel to Antalya for a preparation match with Antalyaspor prior to the Intertoto Cup; impressed by the outstanding organization of the agency, including handling the preparation matches and customizing other amenities in line with the needs of the club, Volgagrad spoke very highly of their experience. Other teams in the Russian league took heed, also coming to Antalya for their preparation camps. In the meantime, additional tourism investments have driven a significant demand for Antalya.
  • Rising football tourism in the Antalya region has driven a commensurate rise in health tourism, as hospitals have been established to provide quality service and specialised sports medicine for incoming football teams. Today, most of the hospitals in the region have dedicated sections for athletes’ health.
  • The number of football preparation matches played annually in Antalya is 5,000, according to 2013 statistics.
  • Antalya hosted 1,300 local and international football teams in 2013, ranking 3rd among world football tourism destinations.