In this second part of the Papillon #StayAtHome series, Mustafa Özkan who is our fitness trainer at Papillon Ayscha and also a member of Turkish national bodybuilding team will demonstrate some basic fitness exercises.

You can perform all the exercises below with a simple resistance band at home. Stay at home, stay safe! We look forward to training together in summer while breathing the fresh Mediterranean air!

Standing Chest Press

Open your feet. With your palms facing down, hold the grip with the band behind you. Make sure your elbows are up and your fists are facing forward. Keep your elbows and wrists aligned with your shoulder, press forward and pull back. Do not lock your elbows.


Standing Row

Keep your elbows at shoulder height. Pull your elbows straight back with your shoulders until your upper and lower arms are at an angle of 90 degrees. Do not let the band go when returning to the starting position, move slowly.


Standing Bicep Curls

Press on the middle of resistance band with your foot. Hold the grips with both hands and stand upright while your palms are facing forward and the elbows are firmly attached to your sides. Now pull both sides up in order and bend your arm until your hand is at chest level.


Side Lateral Raise

Place your left foot in the middle of the resistance band. Step forward with your right foot. Tighten your stomach and avoid bending your back. Gently raise your arms from the sides, keeping a slight angle on the elbows. Be sure to use the front part of your shoulders when lifting. When your arms are parallel to the floor, pause, feel the contraction and slowly lower it back.


Triceps Kickback

Put the resistance band under your feet, bend your back and knees slightly. Hold the end of the band with your palm facing back. Pull up the band using your triceps until the arm is fully extended to the back. Pause, then lower your arm and repeat.



Open your feet, hold your arms by your side. Balance yourself by stretching your arms forward while bending your knees and lowering until you squat fully. Bring your arms to the sides again while getting up again.



Lie on the ground with your knees bent. Join your arms at chest level, carefully lift your neck and shoulder using your abdominal muscles without lifting your lower back. Wait a little and go back slowly.