We, as the Papillon Hotels family, believe that the world will come out stronger after these difficult times. While you spend those days with your family, our hotel animation teams and guest trainers have prepared some #StayAtHome activities to cheer you up.

In our first episode Lilia Lyashko from Papillon Belvil animation team demonstrates some simple YOGA poses that you can try while you are at home.

We are looking forward to the days that we will do these exercises together while you breathe fresh Mediterranean air among the lush green pine trees.

5 StayAtHome Yoga Poses You Can Do at Home

Lilia Lyashko from the Papillon Belvil animation team prepared the following 5 YOGA poses for you in the green nature of Belvil. We hope you’ll like them!

If you have any health problems, please consult your doctor before trying the poses shown below. Many poses shown here are not recommended for pregnant women, high blood pressure patients, people with back, wrist or shoulder problems.

Neck Stretching

First of all, let’s warm up a little. Do you constantly look at your mobile phone while you are at home? If you have started to have neck problems, these neck stretching exercises will provide some relief for you.

First, set up a comfortable cross and sit down. Tilt your neck slowly towards your right and left shoulder. Then turn it left and right very slowly. Repeat them 5 times.


Cat Pose

This basic pose will allow you to relax your neck and waist while providing flexibility to your spine.

Start this pose by placing your palms, knees, and feet on the mat. Throw your head back and at the same time bring your waist closer to the ground. Do the opposite after a few seconds. Lower your head and lift your spine up. Repeat this slowly at least 5 times.

After this pose, you can switch to the Downward Facing Dog pose without interruption.


Table Pose (Hand-Knee Balance Pose)

Start this pose by standing on your knees and both hands like a table. Then try to keep your balance by extending your left foot and right hand. If you have trouble, try to stretch your hand or your leg separately.


Downward Facing Dog Pose

Start this pose from the table pose. Combine your toes and try to keep your heels on the ground, lifting your hips. Tilt your head to lengthen your neck when you lift your hip. Take at least three deep breaths in this position.

Those who are a little more experienced can continue to “One-Legged Downward Facing Dog” pose by raising their left or right legs upwards after this pose. Try to keep the heel of your other foot on the ground and keep your shoulders upright. Take at least three deep breaths in this position then repeat with your other leg.


Lizard Pose

Start with the “Downward Facing Dog” Yoga pose. Then lift your right leg and place it next to your right hand. Then put your left knee on the ground and land on your elbows.


Upward Facing Dog Pose

This Yoga pose is a bit more difficult than others and beginners should pay particular attention to their waist, arm and abdomen. First, lie face down, place your hand on the mat above your mat and stretch your arms completely.

Push yourself a little upward with your hands and feet. Be careful not to overextend your elbows. Take a deep breath as you rise above the ground. As you breathe, stretch your back a little more to stretch your waist. Wait a few seconds and lie down again.