Party and Festival Excitement at Papillon Hotels

Belek is famous not only for its green nature and golden beaches but also for its 5-star and world-class properties. Those who want to experience an extraordinary holiday beyond all-inclusive system in Belek, one of the destinations that comes to mind when you say party and festival, have been preferring Papillon Hotels for years.

Many parties and festivals that have become traditional in Papillon were organized within the framework of special measures this year, as well. We wanted to share the entertaining shots from Rock and Bike by Harley Davidson party held at Papillon Ayscha and Oktoberfest celebrated in our various hotels with you.

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ROCK & BIKE By Harley Davidson

Studded with Harley Davidson motorcycles and rock music shows, Rock & Bike Party was celebrated at Papillon Ayscha this year as every year. Having fun along with the live music all night, our guests had the chance to see the world-renowned motorcycles closely and take a picture of them.

Gathering together the Rock & Roll and Harley Davidson spirit, the event turned into an unforgettable experience for motorcycle and rock music lovers.



When you say party and festival, it’s the summer season that usually comes to mind but October is also full of festival excitement at Papillon Hotels. One of the traditional festivals of Papillon Hotels, Oktoberfest added joy to the holidays of our guest, from kids to adults, this year as well.


Celebrated in many countries with traditional German clothing, food and beverage, Oktoberfest spices up the month October. Holidays at Papillon Hotels are more fun thanks to Oktoberfest in an entertaining October month which has been quite hot this year.




You’re invited to our parties and festivals in all our hotels in upcoming years as in 2020! Don’t forget to book your place now for 2021 season!