September Holiday Opportunities at Papillon Hotels

The month of September is an ideal time for a holiday this year. At Papillon Hotels, we are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to offer you and your loved ones special September holiday opportunities for a late summer break.

In Belek, Antalya’s most popular holiday destination of Antalya, a family vacation is both fun and easy: with free Wi-Fi, the kids can continue their online education – and parents can enjoy some time off. See our booking page for more special September holiday opportunities!


This Year September Holiday Is For Families

September in Antalya is balmy and beautiful. The average temperature ranges from 30-31 to 37-38 degrees, while the average sea temperature ranges from 26 -27 to 29-30 degrees. Humidity is also lower. Like spring, autumn is a perfect time to visit Antalya, in terms of the weather.

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And because so many schools are offering online classes this year, September is even more advantageous. Traditionally, rates are lower and destinations less crowded after the start of the school year. This year, thanks to online education, families with children can finally enjoy the benefits of a September holiday!


Antalya’s September Weather is Ideal for Holiday

On August 1, the sea water temperature in Antalya reached 31 degrees, about 3-4 degrees warmer than average. It appears that September 2020 will also be warmer than usual.

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Accuweather and other meteorological sites are announcing that, this year, September may bring temperatures of up to 39-40 degrees. As we mentioned in our recent blog post, a 91-year record was broken in May, with temperatures reaching up to 41 degrees.

While September may not be quite as hot as the historic May, it does promise warmth and summer sunshine.  Make a reservation at Papillon Hotels now to take advantage of summer weather in Antalya until September 21 and catch September holiday opportunities!


Antalya Beaches are Still Beautiful in Autumn

With an average of 300 sunny days per year, Antalya has always been an ideal location to relax with loved ones. In 2019, the average temperature was 29 degrees on land and 25 degrees in the water. So, even in late October, the beaches were still very enjoyable.
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In previous years, even in the month of November, even as most of Turkey grew chilly and cold, holidaymakers were enjoying the sea in Antalya. In 2017, temperatures in Erzurum dropped to -10 degrees. In Antalya, the average temperature was 25 degrees and the sea was a warm 23 degrees.

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Our Hotels are Prepared for Remote Learning and Work

Thanks to free Wi-Fi service in all areas of our Hotels, adults can access the office and children can continue their education.  During class hours, kids can meet with their teachers online; when class is over, children are entertained outdoors by our experienced animation team.

Ensure that your children start the 2020-2021 academic year with fun – and plenty of vitamin D for the winter!  Call or send us a message to find out more about Papillon Hotels special September holiday opportunities for families.