The Best Sushi-Making Techniques in the Sushi Master Class!

With holiday options that reach beyond the ordinary, Papillon Hotels continues to offer distinctive new holiday experiences throughout the summer. Following the popular Barista Workshop, where coffee enthusiasts learned to prepare their favourite drinks, we organized the Sushi Master Class.

Held at the Papillon Zeugma Relaxury in June, the class featured the techniques and secrets to making great sushi.



Sushi Training from the Masters

Having completed a two-month intensive course at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Japan, Papillon Zeugma Relaxury Executive Chef Bülent Erginyavuz brought his skills back to Turkey. Showcasing specialties in both modern and classic sushi-making, some of the highlights included Edomae sushi and nigiri-zushi. In addition, guests who took the class learned how to prepare some of the sushi delicacies offered at Haru, the Far East-focused à la carte restaurant at the Papillon Zeugma Relaxury. Guests can take their new techniques home, and make sushi in the cosiness of their own kitchens.


The Papillon Experience

At Papillon Hotels, we strive to offer different options for the new generation experience holiday. In addition to Yoga Days, inspiring healthier living, the Barista Workshop offers guests an opportunity to learn the intricacies of coffee preparation. As well, gastronomy events offered by master chefs, including the Sushi Master Class, are featured throughout the entire season, along with organisations such as drama school, and dance instruction for kids with famous ballet dancers.

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Chef Bülent Erginyavuz:
As the Grand Prix award winner of the Cooks and Chefs Federation of Turkey, our Chief Executive Chef is ready to introduce a diverse selection of dishes from regions ranging from the Middle East to the Far East. Book now, for your gastronomic adventure in Papillon Hotels at Papillon Zeugma Relaxury!

Haru A’la Carte:
At Haru in Papillon Zeugma Relaxury, guests can discover the culinary traditions of the Far East, with delicious and different dishes prepared especially for you.

Tokyo Sushi Academy:
Since its opening in 2002, the Tokyo Sushi Academy has garnered acclaim as the first sushi school in Japan for local and international chefs. The Academy, with classes in English, has taught more than 4,000 chefs, who have spread the special techniques of sushi making across more than 50 countries.

What is Edomaesushi?
Edomae sushi is prepared using fish that has been marinated with salt, vinegar or soy sauce, and is served with wasabi – which has antibacterial properties. Edomae sushi was developed as a type of ‘fast food’ for employees in fast-growing Edo, now Tokyo. Unlike its precursors, Edomae sushi could be eaten with one’s fingers, on the go, as it was composed of raw fish on a square of rice. Previously, what was known as sushi was fish fermented in rice and served on its own.

What is modern and classical sushi?
Sushi, as it commonly is known today, is made with raw fish and boiled rice, and served with aged vinegar and wasabi. However, this type of presentation is just one among many types of sushi available in Japan. In the old traditional sushi style, sushi stalls were erected close to fishermen, and sushi made from freshly caught fish was quickly consumed on site, with options such as mustard, ginger and tangerine offered as garnishes. Edo residents developed creative methods in the 1820s to serve sushi without spoilage, as refrigeration was not yet widespread or easily available.