A Unique Smell of Flowers

Those who fly to Antalya during spring notice that the city has a unique smell. Antalya, which has previously hosted the EXPO fair with the themes of “flowers” and “children”, takes on a completely different atmosphere in the spring months, with the blossoming of thousands of different flowers, beginning from the foot of the Taurus Mountains, to the sand dunes of the shores.

The Symbol of Spring in Antalya

Taurus Mountains in Antalya

Especially if you are arriving from a heavily urbanised city which does not experience spring as much, Antalya is mesmerising in these months. This can be felt as soon as you land; enjoy the sun coming up after the rain, and the beautiful smell of orange blossoms.

The orange trees that welcome you in parks and gardens are covered with blossoms that capture people’s attention with their fragrance during spring. The orange tree has always been admired by people, with its beautiful fruit and blossoms that can be seen side by side since ancient times. Since the early ages, white flowers, symbolising the innocence of women, have been used to crown brides at weddings, and their fragrances were once the most sought after scent for perfumes.

Women are like orange blossoms

A writer once wrote “women are like orange blossoms”:

The orange flower is the only flower that is present on the branch simultaneously with its ripe fruit. If you see a ripe freshness, it is the orange blossom. Their childhood and youth are side by side, with their ripeness and wisdom of years.”


This “fruit with blossom” feature is featured by only a few plants all around the world. The orange and its blossom symbolise a combination of maturity and freshness, and were once used as wreaths at weddings. Even in mythology, Zeus is said to have given Hera the gift of an orange, called “the golden apple”, as a wedding gift.

See The Belek Coast In Spring

Those who have enjoyed the sun and sea of Antalya during summer need to see and experience the fascinating atmosphere of  Belek beaches in the spring, when everything is more green, more lively, and flowering. And not to mention the sparkling blue sky that Antalya has to offer. Enjoy a warm spring morning, barefoot on the sand, hand in hand with your loved ones; a long romantic walk on the beach is everything you are looking for to enjoy your honeymoon; and of course, the stunning landscapes mean that you will get some amazing selfies together!

Spring 2019 has brought radiance and joy. After last year’s record temperatures in April, the beautiful weather has come to Antalya early this year. If you are a fan of spring holidays, or if you don’t like summers that are too hot, enjoy spring at Papillon!

If you are ready to welcome April with our new season surprises within three different and exclusive hotels, come and enjoy a cosy room while witnessing the awakening of nature! We welcome you to the Papillons for a spring holiday in Belek, where butterflies dance and flowers bloom, and you can enjoy spring in our various rooms, from honeymoon suites to rooms with a jacuzzi.

There are many reasons to make a Spring Holiday in Belek.

Did you know?

  • An orange tree has over 200,000 blossoms, but only 1% of them turn into a ripe orange. The most important feature of the orange blossom that has amazed people since the early ages is that it can be found on a branch simultaneously with its ripe fruit. This unique plant has inspired artists and thinkers throughout the ages, with its aspects of maturity and youth, and combination of past and future.
  • The emblem of Antalya, which contains the letter “A”, the sun, an orange, and a palm, appeared during the Painting and Plastic Arts Symposium in 1975, during the Golden Orange Film Festival. The famous graphic designer Mengü Ertel desgined the logo of Antalya as a gift for the Antalya Municipality.



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