Unending 2018 at Papillon Hotels

Throughout 2018, we reached you with our articles on the Papillon Hotels Blog. As we come to the end of 2018, a year in which we shared articles that introduced the Group’s three flagships Papillon Belvil, Papillon Zeugma and Papillon Ayscha, and the history of the Papillon Hotels Group dating from the 1990s.

Today we would like to share with you our three favourite posts of this never-ending year. We hope that you will enjoy revisiting our articles introducing each hotel of the Papillon Hotels Group and its distinctive elements. Don’t miss out on very special early booking deals in 2019!

PapyFest: Endless Festival at Papillon Belvil

Papillon Belvil, which received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and Turkey’s Best Family Hotel award in 2015 , dazzled again this year, with endless festivals for children.

This year’s PapyFest events offered numerous fun activities for our valued young guests, from the fair entertainments of the past to shows and parties featuring mascots of famous cartoon heroes. If you’re wondering why Papillon Belvil is the best choice for a family vacation, read our article, Papillon Belvil: Your Dream Family Hotel !

Fire of Anatolia: Endless Summer at Papillon Zeugma

At Papillon Zeugma – the Papillon Hotels group’s young and ambitious member – this summer passed with endless fun and performances of the Fire of Anatolia. If you are curious about the difference of RELAXURY at Papillon Zeugma – which includes not only the spectacular Fire of Anatolia shows, but also new generation holiday trends such as the Beer Garden, which opened in May, Holi-Fest and Aqua-Cycling – read about our RELAXURY Difference at Papillon Zeugma!


Villa Holiday: Endless Privileges at Papillon Ayscha

From the VIP welcome to unlimited à la carte and pavilion reservations, from in-room breakfasts to butler service, never-ending privileges were with you this summer at Papillon Ayscha.

If you would like to learn more about your privileges at Papillon Ayscha, read our article, Your Dream Villa Experience at Papillon Ayscha!