YOGA Days at Papillon

With holiday options that reach beyond the ordinary, Papillon Hotels continues to offer guests distinctive experiences. For guests seeking a vacation that delivers more than just sea and sun, Papillon Hotels present Yoga Days. First offered at Papillon Zeugma Relaxury and then at Papillon Ayscha and Papillon Belvil, the Yoga Days event was organised this year at all Papillon Hotels.

The event is in high demand by guests, who love waking up early for revitalizing yoga sessions in the clean air of the Mediterranean Sea. We have good news! Yoga Days will be with our guests at Papillon Hotels in the 2020 summer season as well!


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??‍♀️#Yoga days will take place again in Papillon Hotels next season. Stay tuned for our updates, save your place and get ready to devote the mornings to a beautiful yoga practice. | Дни йоги вновь будут проводиться в Papillon Hotels в новом сезоне. Следите за нашими обновлениями, бронируйте отдых и будьте готовы погрузиться в умиротворяющую практику йоги. ??‍♀️Gelecek sezon Papillon Hotels'te yoga günleri tekrar sizlerle buluşuyor. Son haberler için bizi takip etmeye devam edin, yerinizi ayırın ve yoganın huzur veren etkisini hissetmeye hazırlanın. ? @plyfilm ?‍♀️ @marinabadretdinova @marcaevent . #papillonhotels #papillonbelvil #yogaday #yogaeverydamnday

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Yoga Days with Maria Badretdinova

Yoga instructor Maria Badretdinova organised morning and afternoon one-hour yoga sessions amid the splendid pine forest of Belek, where all Papillon Hotels are located. Yoga Days was held at all Papillon Hotels as a one-week event.

The Yoga Days event – held on World Yoga Day, July 21th and on different dates from May to September – will again be organised in the 2020 season, in all three Papillon Hotels


The Papillon Experience

At Papillon Hotels, we strive to offer different options for the new generation experiential holiday. In addition to Yoga Days, inspiring healthier living, the Barista Workshop offers guests an opportunity to learn the intricacies of coffee preparation. As well, gastronomy events offered by master chefs, including the Sushi Master Class, are featured throughout the entire season, along with organisations such as drama school, and dance instruction for kids with famous ballet dancers.

Reserve your room now and be part of the Papillon Experience!

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What Are The Benefits of Yoga

With its holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being, Yoga is considered an ideal method for dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as physical issues caused by poor posture, or by sitting or standing for long periods of time.

The benefits of Yoga include:

  • Breath Awareness Throughout The Day
    Awareness of breath is considered an important element of Yoga, where practitioners are encouraged to breathe slowly and with control, to meditate and to be aware of the physical and emotional selves. Practicing yoga contributes to being able to use your breath effectively; your lungs will be happy to have more oxygen with less effort and strain
  • Focus and Awareness
    Yoga helps its practitioners to be aware of and to be in the moment, through breathwork and physical awareness. Many practitioners report that they notice a higher level of consciousness and coordination after a yoga session, allowing them to move through their days more easily and with a greater ability to focus.
  • Deal with Stress at Your Own Pace
    Starting the day with even a brief yoga practice – just 10 to 15 minutes devoted to you – can help deal with the daily struggles of life more effectively. Consider waking up earlier than usual and setting your own pace before moving into the fast flow of life; benefits include reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Protection from Injuries with Greater Flexibility
    While yoga positions may appear difficult, there are postures and poses for a range of levels – from beginners to master practitioners. As flexibility increases with daily practice and time, the body gains strength and a greater resistance to everyday injuries.
  • A Better Posture
    If you are sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, or driving for long periods of time, and then dropping onto the couch to watching TV, you may be a prime candidate for posture-related physical issues. Adding short, focused yoga sessions to your daily flow can help protect your spine and your health.
  • Start the Day with a Smile
    If the day ahead is very busy, wake up a little earlier and set down a yoga mat. Take a deep breath, make a mental list of the things for which you are grateful and start your day with an extra dose of serotonin.