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From the first day our hotel was opened, we’ve aimed to gather everything that comes to mind for a perfect holiday – sea, sun, sand and entertainment – and offer our guests privileged holidays.

We’ve designed spaces for everyone’s liking. We’ve planned everything for everyone’s liking so our guests can discover peace and purity.

We have eternal faith that with our expert and dynamic team and our civilised understanding of management, we’ll be offering high quality service to our guests many more years from this point on.


We show respect and love to both our guests and our colleagues, a team of dedicated experts all working for the same mission and vision.

  • We always put our guests first.
  • We are always friendly, energetic and dynamic.
  • We build sincere, ever-lasting and respectable relationships.
  • We are hospitable.
  • We know and apply basic rules of communication.
  • We never ignore our guests’ and colleagues’ requests.
  • We are proud.
  • We always put guest satisfaction first.
  • We are always reliable…
  • We use all resources efficiently with respect towards the environment.

Passionately offering guests experiences that inspire and empower them to realise their dreams and to be renewed, and that excite them each time.

To be a resort that offers a family concept with high-quality service and Papillon hospitality.

To be a resort that offers a family and couples concept with high-quality service and Papillon hospitality.

To be a resort that offers a club concept with high-quality service and Papillon hospitality and to be the concept’s leader in the region.


First starting out as a construction company at the beginning of 1970, Papillon Hotels went through restructuring in 1981 and continued its activities under the name MUNA A.Ş..

Papillon Hotels‘s first hotel built with Muna A.Ş.’s corporate identity, Papillon Muna was opened in 1992 at Side-Kumköy, Papillon Belvil was opened in 1995, Papillon Zeugma was opened in 2002 and, lastly, Papillon Ayscha was opened in 2005; leading to the company’s corporate identity of today.


Humanity First
Humans are the core value and assurance of what we do.

We offer things that make us unique and give us pride.

Building relationships
We build sincere, ever-lasting and respectful relationships.

We invest in our future by using our resources efficiently and respecting the environment.

We are always reliable.


Dear guests, partners and staff,

As Papillon Hotels Resort & Spa, we have always been aware that guest satisfaction is only possible with employee satisfaction. We are proud to be presenting our industry with examples of trademark service in which our management, which places our employees in the centre of everything we do, blends with our new body and soul, with products that preserve our culture and values and in which nature and change perfectly integrate.

We believe in innovations and development not only to keep up with the world, but because it is a part of the enthusiasm and natural cycle within us. In 2014, we renovated Papillon Ayscha Hotel. In 2015, we re-wrote the definition of comfort and luxury so that they never part again, and renovated both the body and soul of Papillon Zeugma Hotel, presenting our guests with the new Relaxury concept and changing the hotel’s name to Papillon Zeugma Relaxury.
Our communications, in which we always take care to establish sincere, ever-lasting and respectful relationships with all of our stakeholders, are always infused with social sensitivity.

Today, we are going through a time during which the worldwide tourism industry has countless expectations and needs to fulfil regarding the environment, careers and social life. This period shows how important responsible and sustainable tourism is, as demonstrated by our corporate values that Papillon Hotels emphasizes so much. We focus on effectively managing sustainability risks and ensuring sustainable growth with long-term strategies and aim to increase our success with each day.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks firstly to our dear employees, our partners and our guests who have always trusted our understanding of service, all who have helped Papillon Hotels Resorts & Spa, who is proud of the difference it has made, become what it is today.

Hüseyin Özgür NAZİK

  • PresidentÖzgür NAZİK
  • Vice PresidentErol AKIN
  • Gn. Mgr. Papillon Zeugma RelaxuryHüseyin USTA
  • Asst. Gn. Mgr. Papillon Zeugma RelaxuryTaylan ÖZCAN
  • Gn. Mgr. Papillon AyschaDeniz ÇUHA
  • Gn. Mgr. Papillon BelvilErol AKIN
  • Asst. Gn. Mgr. Papillon BelvilKadir ERCİYAS
  • Finance DirectorTurgay ALTUNLU
  • Sales & Marketing DirectorNida KİRAZ