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We know that guest satisfaction is only possible with employee satisfaction. That’s why the core of our work revolves around our value in our employees and our effort to help them improve.

We always put humanity first.

• Are a great big family who completes each other and believes that excellent service can only be a product of team work.
• We preserve our values.
• At Papillon Hotels we value our people and our human resources, and always put humankind first.
• We are always friendly, energetic and dynamic.
• We build sincere, ever-lasting and respectful relationships.
• We are hospitable.
• We know and apply basic rules of communication.
• We never ignore our guests’ and colleagues’ requests.
• We always put guest satisfaction first.
• We make a difference and we make sure that our guests, the essence of our work, and our stakeholders see how proud we are of this difference we make.
• We are always reliable…
• We use all resources efficiently with respect towards the environment.

Our Papillon family, which goes through thick and thin together, is always there for each other.

• We give gifts to newlyweds and new-born family members.
• Employees who study at university or have children studying at university are given a scholarship.
• We provide employees who have lost someone in the first degree spiritual and financial support.
• We have fun all together with BBQs and birthday parties.
• We celebrate 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day with our employees and children, bundles of love.

We’re livening up the family with our internship programme for high school and university students; we believe it’s the first step to use both theoretic and practical knowledge.

While the students’ knowledge and experience grows, we get an updated perspective with new generation ideas.

The Management Trainee programme, which helps employee candidates choose their career path, is built on improving the knowledge and management skills one needs for their goals and includes on-site and theoretical lessons.

Our training programmes are focused on the students and all our programmes practice “learning through experience” methods.

All of the training programmes provided for our employees are specially designed for our corporation; some of these training programmes aim to develop our employees’ behavioural skills in line with our culture and values and some of them aim to develop occupational knowledge and skills. Our orientation programmes and corporate, occupational and personal development training programmes are carried out by our expert internal trainer team.

We improve and change with our employees who aim for constant improvement and change in line with our understanding of business. This is where personal success starts.