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4   The Ancient City Of Side

                                               THE ANCIENT
                                               CITY OF SIDE

                                               The ancient city of Side was completely abandoned by the
                                               12th century AD, with its residents migrating to Antalya.
                                                        ith a history dating from the 8th century BC, Side was the most
                                                        important harbour in the Pamphylia during antiquity. Established
                                               Won a peninsula in the town of Manavgat, Side means ‘pomegranate’
                                               in Luwian; Side came under the dominance of the Lydia kingdom, together
                                               with the rest of the Pamphylia region, in the 7th century BC. Lydian rule was
                                               followed by the dominance of the Persians and Alexander the Great. The
                                               Roman consul Publius Servilius cleared the area from pirates in 78  BC, and
                                               Side became a town ruled by the Roman empire, just like the other towns of
                                               the Pamphylia region.
                                               The Arabian invasions that began in the 7th century AD, as well as the
                                               attacks and plundering of Rhodes and Venice, and Genoese pirates
                                               weakened Side Ancient City, as did attacks by the kings of Cyprus, and the
                                               ravages during the Crusades. Side completely abandoned from the 12th
                                               century AD onward, and its inhabitants emigrated to Antalya.
                                                 The ruins that you can see in the ancient city of Side today include the
                                               city walls, the city gate, the Nymphaeum and the waterway, along with
                                               columned streets, houses, the Agora, the ancient theatre, the Agora Bath
                                               (Side Museum), the Vespasian Fountain and the monumental gate, Arch
                                               of Triumph, Temple of Dionysus, the basilica, the port bath, the Temple of
                                               Apollo, the Temple of Athena, the southern basilica, the great bath, the state
                                               agora, baptistery, the Episcopal Palace and its basilica, and the Philippus
                                               Attius wall.
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