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                                         Ancient Theatre of Side            Temple of Apollon
                                         This Roman-era theatre is at the   Located on the square at the end of
                                         centre of the ancient city of Side. Part   the Columned Street of the ancient
                                         of the theatre, until the path in the   city of Side, the Temple of Apollon
                                         middle of the stairs of the seats, rests   was dedicated to Apollo, the god of
                                         on a slope. The upper area of the seats   light and beauty, and the patron of
                                         was placed on an inclined plane on   the arts. Sitting at the centre of the
                                         vaults and this feature of the ancient   Byzantine basilica, some parts of the
                                         theatre of Side makes it unique, as   temple were removed to be used in
                                         it is the only building in Anatolia   the construction of the basilica. The
                                         structured in this manner. The stage   temple’s construction dates from
                                         has three floors and the carvings carry   to 150 AD and some of the large
                                         the baroque features of the Antonine   columns have been restored and
                                         era. The theatre has architectural   returned to their place. The historical
                                         similarities to the Colosseum and it is   ruins of the Temple of Apollo, at the
                                         known that the theatre, with a seating   sea side in Side, are a world heritage
                                         capacity of 17,000, was used for   worth seeing: sitting on the stairs of
                                         gladiator and animal fights during the   the temple and watching the sunset
                                         Late Roman Period.                 is a popular pastime for visitors.

         In the 1890s, Selimiye village was
       established in the coastal area of
       the ruins of the ancient city of Side
       by Cretan immigrants. Today, the
       settlement continues and some of
       the buildings feature antique walls
       or floors. It is free to take a tour of
       the ancient city of Side.
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