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Papillon Hotels Zero Waste Principle

As the Papillon Hotels family, we have taken the Zero Waste principles as a target to control our waste within the framework of sustainable development principles and to leave a clean and liveable world to future generations.

“We Add Value to the Future” by updating all activities in our facilities accordingly.


What Is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a set of principles that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles to reuse all products. As a goal, it is defined as a waste prevention approach that includes the prevention of waste, the more efficient use of resources, the reduction of the amount of waste generated, the establishment of an effective collection system, and the recycling of waste.

Zero Waste is designing and managing products and processes to systematically prevent and eliminate the volume and toxicity of wastes and materials, conserve and save all resources, and prevent waste from being burned or buried.

It is an ethical, economical, efficient, and visionary goal that aims to direct individuals towards altering their lifestyles and modelling sustainable natural cycles. The dominant idea within this concept is to use each waste as a source of another cycle.

Zero waste is a call against accelerating planet-wide waste generation. If Zero Waste principles are applied correctly, these can contribute to the elimination of harmful discharges that pose a threat to the planet’s health – the water, air and soil of our Earth – as well as human, animal and plant health. In this way, also, it is ensured that waste is transformed into the maximum financial and social benefits possible.


Papillon Hotels Zero Waste Certificates