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Papy Kids Sports Academy


Papy Kids Sports Academy

Papillon Hotels trains young talents at “Papy Kids Sports Academy”.

It is aimed to contribute to the development of children with carefully selected trainings according to their talents and goals under the supervision of expert trainers in Swimming, Tennis and Football.

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Professional Sports Activities for Kids

Papillon Hotels’s support for professional sports and its attentive approach to its guests who see sports as indispensable for their holidays continue.

We have added Papy Kids Sports Academy to the fun world of Papy Kids Club, which serves at Papillon Zeugma Relaxury, Papillon Ayshca and Papillon Belvil hotels, as a professional sports facility for children .

With the motto #webelieve, Papy Kids Sports Academy will be launched in the summer season of 2020 with a spirit that reflects the belief in young athletes and their development.

A Sports Holiday Experience

At Papy Kids Academy, kids will receive one to one or group lessons according to the abilities and their progress in every branch will be monitored.

The development of body coordination, iself-confidence in sports, acquiring the discipline and communication skills with instructors and friends will be the most valuable gains in the academy.

“Papy Kids Sports Academy”, which is the result of demands of families staying at Papillon Hotels, search for new holiday trends and a long preparation period, will offer you and your children a whole new holiday experience.


Technical and conditioning trainings on the grass fields with professional trainers, tactical studies for football intelligence, friendship matches between the specified age groups will be provided with comprehensive programs.

Kids will also have the chance to experience a real game experience on the FIFA standard football fields at the “Papillon Sports Center”.


Swimming, aerobic stretching and body coordination trainings will be given in our outdoor and indoor swimming pools under the supervision of instructors.

Depending on the abilities and levels of children, initial, intermediate and advanced education will be provided.

Different styles of swimming and breathing exercises are also included in the swimming programme.


On the Tartan ground tennis courts, coordination and condition training with professional materials, technical studies and friendly matches will be organized.