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Reborn SPA Face & Body Care

‘THALGO’ Face Care

Our skin is the most important costume of our life.  Give your skin the treat it deserves. Do you want to feel new-born? Our cosmetic products are based on latest technologies, effective, natural and organic components, and are used in professional facial and body care programs such as moisturising, anti-age treatment, relaxation.

We’ve selected exclusive cosmetic products for our guests. Forerunners of marine scientific research, Thalgo Laboratories have acquired unique expertise in harnessing the effectiveness of marine active ingredients. By drawing on the remarkable potential of algae and focusing on natural ingredients that are most adapted to the human body, Thalgo is able to offer effective and safe products with exceptional skin tolerance.


Thalgodermyl Rebalancing Facial (60 min.)

The professional treatment combines the antiseptic and anti-seborrhea effectiveness of essential oils and Ac.Net® with a gentle de-congesting massage and the application of a marine mask that envelops the skin with a beneficial, with a smooth and fresh texture.


Cold Marine Facial (60 min.)

The skin is cleaned with a suitable jell followed by tonic and peeling. The cool mint mask is applied to remove the redness on the face, provide firmness and relax the tensioned lines.  It’s a perfect treatment for sensitive skins. It provides the oxygen requirement of the skin and relaxes the tensioned face lines. Redness and sensitivity are relieved with the effect of refreshing mint mask containing herbal extracts and sea essences for allergic and couperose skins. It gives relaxation.


Absolute Rehydrating Care (60 min.)

A truly hydrating treatment featuring active marine ingredients for deep down moisturising. The exclusive mask infuses active ingredients right to the heart of the skin, immediately improving its texture leaving it soft, radiant and relaxed.


Collagen Velvet Super (60 min.)

The ultimate choice in anti-ageing facial treatments. This 100% collagen velvet mask infuses the skin with soluble collagen, bringing deep levels of hydration to all skins whilst feeding the skins own natural collagen fibre. The results are instant and the skin is completely calmed, plumped and radiates a glow. Great before a big night out and essential after a sun holiday, to rehydrate the skin. It is the perfect preventative treatment against wrinkles. For long term results, a course of 3 sessions is recommended.


Marine Hyaluronic Acid Care (60 min.)

This Facial features marine hyaluronic acid molecules, for optimal absorption of active ingredients. It involves precise skin stimulation via a specific massage technique that allows every wrinkle to deeply absorb the hyaluronic acid. You will instantly feel and see the effects of this exquisite massage and your wrinkles will appear softer from the very first treatment as they are re-filled and plumped out. You will look rejuvenated  just after one treatment.


L’Eixir’ Anti-Aging Care (60 min.)

An exceptional treatment, that works on all signs of skin ageing by using an extract rich in natural algae hormone. This facial treats moisture deficiency, fine lines and wrinkles. This extraordinary treatment incorporates a unique mask, (a first of Worldwide Cosmetic) using natural biological cellulose and marine algae hormones to work on all signs of ageing. Perfect for anyone suffering from the effects of hormonal changes of the skin.


Sculptural Facial Massage (30 min.)

A rejuvenating and firming facial massage helps revitalize and regenerate your skin.


Eye Care (Lifting Collagen)  (25 min.)

To provide a profound nourishing and firming effect to these delicate areas. Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles, the skin appears more elastic with renewed smoothness.



“BELLEFONTAINE” Face Treatment

Bellefontaine has acquired more than many years of indisputable expertise in the fight against visible signs of skin ageing. Skin care treatments fight against skin degeneration related to the lack of hydration, the slowing of cellular renewal, the loss of radiance, firmness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Over the years, has based its know-how on a network of renowned specialists of the cosmetic industry resulting in the development of high efficacy skincare products. Cosmetology provides the pleasure, safety and efficacy in highly technical anti-ageing skin care that offers visible and lasting results.


“Cellstemine Treatment” (60 min.)

It intensely moisturizes and repairs each layer of the epidermis, while stimulating cellular activity. The skin is smooth, supple and firm.


“Golden Caviar Care” (60 min.)

A deluxe concentrate, packed with high levels of antioxidants and rejuvenating elements to dramatically help protect the skin against free radical damage and promote skin cell regeneration for a smoothed and radiant skin. Day after day, the skin is protected from premature aging.






The Biologique Recherche methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Authenticity and harmony are the spirit and essence of Biologique Recherche skin care products which all boast the following specific characteristics : High concentration (over 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extract; no artificial fragrances to preserve the integrity of the formulas and to try to avoid allergic reactions; contain high quality active ingredients that justify the brand’s value; formulated to work together using unique, original gestures and re-modelling face machine for immediate, outstanding, almost magical results.


‘VIP 02 by Biologique Recherche’ (60 min.)

With its unique formula exclusive to Biologique Recherche, the amazing Face Lotion P50 is the key element of this purifying and revitalizing ritual. The treatment is sensation of total well-being and relaxation, for both men and women, which oxygenates the skin, smooths facial contours and immediately gives you a radiant complexion.


‘Soin Lissant by Biologique Recherche’ (60 min.)

The toning effect is immediate and long-lasting:. Deep wrinkles are visibly smoothed, facial contours firmed and the skin is toned and rejuvenated, with the stresses of everyday life erased.


‘Lift C.V.S. by Biologique Recherche’ (60 min.)

Skin needs to breathe to eliminate the dead cells which clog pores and slow down oxygen exchange, this treatment is an efficient cocktail of micro-crystalline algae, silk extracts and natural amino acid. The active products are combined with modulating techniques and are massaged in with a purifying ritual that redefines facial contours and firms the oval of the face. Your will be left luminous, firm and toned. The lifting treatment gives an instant lifting effect.


‘Dark Spots treatment’ (60 min.)

It is very successful in the treatment of blemishes, which makes the skin bright and bright.


“Seconde Peau Treatment” (60 min.)

A genuine alternative to fillers, this exceptional anti-aging treatment will visibly lift and treat signs of aging. It is an intense, regenerating treatment


‘Eye Contour Module’ (50 min.)

Immediately reduce signs of fatigue and aging in the eye contour area. Smooth and lift wrinkles and fine lines from dehydration. Lighten dark circles for brighter eyes. Provide a sensation of freshness and lightness


“Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants” (60 min.)

Get yourself the gift of 58 active ingredients in one serum! Brings hydration and improves the tone of the epidermis. Anti-oxidant action protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Reduces and prevents signs of aging by boosting cell regeneration


“THALGO” Body Care


Our body treatment ranges are specially formulated with precious, effective marine active ingredients. We offer a special treatment result depending on your skin’s needs: slimming, firming, relaxation. Your skin unveils its natural beauty!


Cosmetic Peeling (30 min.)

With the help of granule based cream peeling, your body is free from dead skin and gains brightness and softness.


‘Micronized Marine’ Algae (30/50 min.)

Micronised marine algae wrap acts on water retention fatty deposits and the accumulation of metabolic waste. In addition to its advanced slimming effect, this body wrap also offers intense demineralization necessary for general well being (cramps, circulation and general fatigue)


‘Frigi Thalgo’ (30 min.)

Treatment is particularly effective in cases of fluid retention (due to poor circulation) lack of firmness (inner thighs, back sides of arms, buttocks). It is also recommended to fight against hard fatty deposit areas on the abdomen and hips.


‘Perfect Silhouette’ Body Treatment (60 min.)

At the cutting edge of innovation, Thalgo is giving you today the opportunity to change the destiny of your slimming cells thanks to a new active ingredient: ADIPO -RESET®. Discover a first in cosmetics: active ingredients specializing in the elimination of fat and cellular reprogramming of the adiposities.


‘Integrative Slimming ‘ (60 min.)

The 1st workout session in the SPA! Now you can actively achieve slimming and firming results. Your therapist wills be a real fitness coach. Positioned to aid muscular contraction, you will be massaged directly on the contracted zone. The results are remarkable, lipolisys is increased tenfold due to the effect of muscular contraction.


‘Anti-Aging ‘ Body Treatment (60 min.)

It is a care for the body to recover and to resist aging. The special body mask ends with a round-up massage.