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Reborn SPA Hamam

We invite you to taste a reinterpretation of traditional hamam rituals.

We will take you on an adventure into the world of traditional Ottoman relaxation.  Enjoy the soothing effect of hot water in a mystical ambience relished by Sultans of the past. This oriental ritual will lift your body and soul by peeling your skin with a silk glove and aromatic masks with coffee and honey that will make your skin smooth, muscles relaxed and boost your natural skin regeneration.

Your deeply cleansed skin will easily tan, leaving you bronze like stars.  A purifying foam massage will leave you feeling exhilerated, as if on clouds. Enjoy your experience of being REBORN.

Traditional Hamam Rituals

Peeling Foam Washing (30min.)

A ritual that has evolved from the old Ottoman traditions.
The treatment helps exfoliate the dead cells from the skin and enhance the skin’s natural regeneration process with raw silk gloves.


Peeling Foam Massage (50 min.)

The ‘tellak’ – hamam attendant – invites the guest to lie on the hot round marble surface in the middle of the bath called the ‘göbek taşı’ (belly stone). While lying on this stone, your body will feel enveloped in the heat, giving a feeling of pure refinement. The tellak then rubs the whole body with a loofah to peel off the deal cells; this process gives the skin a sensation of purification.
The feeling of purity will linger on you skin, making you feel brand new. Your skin will feet exceptionally smooth and soft and all your tension will be relieved with this treatment’s blood circulation-boosting effects. After this exfoliating treatment, your body will be foamed with wonderful aromatic soap. Refreshing water will be poured all over your body to rinse off the soap.
After the foam has been rinsed of your skin, the expert hands of the tellak will massage you rubbing in aromatic oils, using a traditional hamam technique. This smooths out the tension in the muscles, paying particular attention to the head, hands and feet. Wrapped in fresh hamam cloths, you will be assisted to the exit by the friendly tellak, who will also offer you a steaming glass of tea to relax your soul.


Coffee Peeling (30 min.)

This is an interesting peeling experience with the main ingredient being the Turkish coffee beans.


Sea Salt Peeling (30 min.)

The whole body is massaged with salt from the Dead Sea which has been softened with aromatic oil, removing all the dead skin cells.
Bloodstream is increased and the skin is nourished with minerals.


Foam Massage (30-50 min.)

Given at the hamam, this is a combination of heat and the essential oils in the soap that is used.
A process that deeply cleanses the body.


“SIMURG” Signature Treatment (50 min.)

Starting with a silk pouch, the care rituel continues with the Aloevera body mask.
With the foam massage and hair mask to stimulate the skin and provide moisture In Reborn Spa, you will revitalize your soul and body that will be reborn from your ashes like Simurg.


Reborn Exclusive Hamam Rituals

Ritual d’Marrakesh (Pearly Shower Black Soap Kessa) (30 min.)

Traditional black soap with eucalyptus oil is applied to the whole body before a body scrub using a special Moroccan glove to exfoliate the skin. This process removes all dead cells from your skin leaving it silky smooth. Stimulates blood circulation, tones and firms the skin.


Ritual d’Rasoul (Pearly Shower Black Soap Kessa Rassoul) (60 min.)

A Moroccan journey to ultimate beauty and wellness. This extraordinary mud comes from the warm fertile valleys of Morocco, abundant in the most necessary health and beauty elements; Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium. The treatment is renowned for its ability to heal sensitivity, and smooth rough and scaly skin.  The warm mud is generously applied to your entire body thus stimulating the release of impurities. As your skin absorbs the enriching minerals, your body radiates healthy purification and deep hydration for a delightful sense of complete renewal.


Ritual d’Royal Jelly (Pearly Shower Black Soap Kessa Royal Jelly) (60 min.)

Guiding your body through a journey of renewal an intensive body treatment including exfoliation, nourishment, hydration and fragrance using Moroccan black soap to purify the skin, and Aloevera Gel Mask to nourish the skin and hair with minerals, ending this journey with them.