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4 Farklı Kategoride Mini Club Etkinlikleri


Bebeklerden 14+ yaş genç etkinliklerine kadar 4 farklı kategoride çocuklar ve gençler için etkinlikler Papy kids Club’ta!

At Papillon Zeugma, we proudly provide for our youngest customers as much as for the grown ups with dedicated facilities for children of all ages.

We not only guarantee children a unique and memorable holiday experience but allow parents to relax knowing the little ones are well looked after in a happy and safe environment.

The papy Kids Club is one of a kind, providing an exciting programme run by our dedicated staff for children as young as 8 months right up to 17 year olds.

Papy Kids Club features a series of workshop spaces and activity studios, a cinema, game center, playgrounds and gardens.

We are proud to present our newest facility for our very youngest visitors: Minis Club which, from mid May to mid September, cares for infants from 8 months to 3 year old.


Papy Kids Sports Academy

Papy Kids Sports Academy 2020 yazında sizlerle buluşuyor!
Çocuklar artık tatilleri boyunca profesyonel eğitmenlerden yüzme, futbol ve tenis dersleri alabilecekler.

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